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  • Discover the innovative architectural design of The Murray Hong Kong. Towering over Hong Kong Park, the hotel’s building is an iconic modernist landmark. Its design, with distinctive ground-level arches and deeply recessed, angled windows that prevent the entry of direct sunlight and thus enhance temperature control, is an example of sustainable architecture way ahead of its time—and one of the reasons why the building was granted heritage status by the government.

  • Learn about The Murray's rich history, architecture, art, and contemporary chic facilities during a guided tour. Conducted by the hotel’s knowledgeable City Insiders, the Murray Historic Tour will introduce visitors to stories behind the unique architectural and design features including the stately arches, the award-winning energy-efficient windows inherited from the Murray Building, the previous engine rooms turned into a restaurant and bar, the former main entrance and elevators used by government, and how these widely recognized features are given a new lease of life. Strolling through the hotel, guests can also immerse in a guided viewing of a tasteful collection of noteworthy art pieces by internationally acclaimed and emerging artists, including Bahk Seon Ghi, Zaha Hadid, John Kennedy, Jaume Plensa, Isabel Miramontes, and more.

  • Admire the sizable Cassia javanica var. indochinensis, a registered Old and Valuable Tree (OVT). Originally from Hawaii, Cassia javanica var. indochinensis grows extensively throughout tropical Indochina. When it flowers in early summer from April to June, its majestic green canopy turns into a sea of pink and white. Hence, the tree is fondly referred to as the “Pink and White Shower.” The tree was already present prior to the building’s construction and was a majestic sight that stood proudly in the carpark of the former Murray Building. The only registered OVT of its species in Hong Kong, the tree is diligently preserved by the hotel’s arborist and today welcomes guests in the forecourt of the hotel’s sweeping entrance.

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