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  • Discover the imposing façade of the 21c Museum Hotel Lexington by MGallery, which was the first skyscraper in Lexington and the first building in the region with an elevator. The Fayette National Bank was the last high-rise office building built before World War I in the city, and features Beaux-Arts Classical, Imperial Roman, French Renaissance, and Baroque design elements.

  • Discover historic details complemented with artwork and the iconic Blue Penguin throughout the 21c Museum Hotel Lexington by MGallery. See the original mail shafts and Greek key tile work at each elevator landing, and visit the art gallery to see innovative artwork in the 7,000-square-foot space.

  • Discover the beautiful artwork on display at this outstanding historic hotel. Varying in color and lit from within, the acrylic spheres hanging overhead in Lockbox, the restaurant at 21c Lexington, are arranged as atmospheric molecules in Bigert & Bergstrom’s multi-media installation, Tomorrow’s Weather. The atmospheric molecules (H2O, C2, N2, etc.) change color depending on the following day’s weather forecast.

  • Learn about the History of the 21c Hotel’s Penguins that have remain part of the Hotel’s permanent exhibition since 2006. They were first debuted at 21c Louisville and 21c founders Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson purchased the sculptures after seeing them perched around the city at the 2005 Venice Biennale public art project. People really interacted with the penguins would be seen taking photos with them, taking them to dinner, and even just walking around with them. They became an icon and contributed to the hotel’s mission of making contemporary art more accessible to the public. Over a decade and many hotels later, each 21c has its own flock of Penguins and each are in the color that embody the singular identity of the city. (For those looking to visit them all: 21c Louisville, Red Penguin; 21c Cincinnati, Yellow Penguin; 21c Bentonville, Green Penguin; 21c Lexington, Blue Penguin; 21c Durham, Fuschia Penguin; 21c Oklahoma City, Purple Penguin, 21c Nashville, Teal Penguin, 21c Kansas City, Sky Blue Penguin).
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